SOLD ITEM 8808 - Modern bronze horse sculpture by Diego Martinez Negrete

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Contemporary modern bronze horse sculpture by Diego Martinez Negrete. Measures 20 inches high x 19 inches long x 6 inches wide. The oval base is 12 x 7 inches. The plaque reads Retzo Diego Martinez Negrete. Negrete, a well known sculptor, has exhibited in Germany; Guadalajara; Houston, Texas; Pietra Santa, Italy; and Paris, France. He has been the subject of numerous publications. For more information on the artist, please go to or INTERVIEW DIEGO MARTINEZ NEGRETE / Luz Elena Parra (pardon the translation): Which artists do you admire? I admire Henry Moore, British sculptor of the last century, who came to be inspired here in Mexico with chacmools and made many reclining figures. It was very famous and used the same means that I do, like bronze. Another artist I admire is a Romanian sculptor named Constantin Brancusi, who also began to simplify the forms and it is a sculptor who had his feet on the ground, because besides being very famous and brilliant began making anatomical figures for medical laboratories a guy who lived and suffered the work and became a great teacher. For you what is art? How would you define it? For me, art is an activity that differentiates us from animals, makes us higher people, more human. Art for me is the most momentous I can do in life. Art is also leave a testimonial of your existence in this world, is the way to make this beautiful place where we live and if you can more fair. Are art objects or works that brighten our souls that make us live life, feel euphoric, giving us a reason to exist, and in my case it's the best thing I can devote my time to. How many years have you been making sculptures? I've 21 years of professional, and amateur about 5 years, plus parts of childhood modelling and designing things. What type of material used to make his sculptures ? Basically use three materials. One is the cast bronze lost wax model consisting of either a piece of wax , clay or plaster , take a mold and melt bronze . Another is obsidian, that in this region there is a lot in the mountain region of Tequila and Magdalena region . Another material used is steel laser cut and welded. Where did the inspiration was born of the horses? I just came out of the sculpture I mentioned a horse and a mare, is a French sculptor Pierre-Jules Mene called and the work is called L'Accolade. After a life time practiced horsemanship. Aside from the beauty that has the horse was as a design exercise do horses or human figure, both or either analyze proportions, anatomy, expressions, mobility. My work is also futuristic and futurists do many things in motion, aerodynamic and horse lends much for that. If you wish to browse our entire available inventory please go to We also offer a consultation service, ... as well as an online price guide at
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