SOLD ITEM 8683 - 18th century English leather fire bucket

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18th century English leather fire bucket. Measures 12 inches high by 10 inches wide. Original emblem of a crown on the front. Missing handles.The risk of fire was great in Stuart England. People used candles for light and open fires for cooking. Houses were built close together and were made out of wood. Tradesmen used large ovens and often kept supplies of fuel in their houses and the many inns had stables attached to them filled with hay and straw.There were many fires in seventeenth century London. A fire in 1633 destroyed houses on London Bridge and in 1643 another fire caused £2,880 worth of damage. In 1650 seven barrels of gunpowder exploded in a fire in Tower Street that made 41 houses uninhabitable.People did not have house insurance and if their house was damaged by fire they had to rely on the charity of other people to replace their possessions.Many Puritans believed that fire was a punishment from God for man's sinfulness. In the years before 1666, Puritans who criticized Charles II's love of women and good living predicted that there would be a 'Great Fire'. As early as 1200 laws had been passed banning people from thatching their roofs. By 1600 most houses in London did not have thatched roofs. From Fire buckets in colonial towns had the owners names painted on them. Laws often required residents to purchase them and keep them in repair. "Bucket Brigades" were commonly used which consisted of 2 lines of people stretching from the town well or river to the fire. They passed buckets of water to the fire, and empty buckets back to the water source to be refilled. later, with the invention of the hand pumper, bucket brigades were used to keep the burning building from spreading to other buildings. Swabs (mops) were used to extinguish embers on roofs. Fire fighting got an edge with the invention of the hand pumper, or Handtub. the Foreman of the pump companies would use a large "speaking trumpet" to give orders to his crew. Forn Haverhill Fire Fighting Museum.
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