SOLD ITEM 4903 - David Dawson sterling silver jewelry bracelet Kwakiutl Eskimo tribe

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David Dawson sterling silver jewelry bracelet Kwakiutl Eskimo tribe. This well made handmade vintage piece of Eskimo jewelry was made by Daivd Dawson a very well known craftsman of the Kwakiutl tribe. This bracelet measures 3 quarters of an inch wide by 2 and one quarter inches across inside. Signed inside and dated 1986. The Kwakiutl were one of the major tribes of the Northwest Coast and once encompassed other nearby tribes such as the Bella Bella, Kitimat, Makah and Nootka, with whom they are linguistically related. Their villages were typical of the Northwest Coast, with large cedar plank houses and intricately carved totem poles, representing the animals with whom a particular family might be religiously associated. Before European contact, they numbered over 15,000. Today that number has been reduced to those scattered from their original homelands and around 4,000 who inhabit N Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland of British Columbia, Canada. They are heavily engaged in fishing and farming practices. With their southern neighbors, the Nootka, they make up the Wakashan branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic group. Taken from
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