SOLD ITEM 4419 - Japanese bronze Meiji floor lamp

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Japanese bronze floor lamp. This is a classic example of Meiji era style. Its design is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese toro, or temple lantern, minus the top. An actual toro would have a lantern top with a little "roof" and gridwork sides through which the flame would cast light. The earliest ones are stone, later ones are iron or bronze. During the Meiji period, 1868 to 1912, Japan began exporting heavily to the United States, especially bronzes and ceramics. These exported goods were tailored to Western needs and tastes. If you examine Meiji-era ceramics, particularly Imari, Arita, and Satsuma, you will see the same designs as the ones on this lamp. Floor lamps such as like this one were ofter used to illuminate a grand piano.
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