SOLD ITEM 1676 - Baseball from the New York Brooklyn Dodgers

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New York Baseball,major league baseball,Spalding baseball,National league,Brooklyn Dodgers baseball memorabilia,Dodgers baseball from the the 1930s to the 1940s National league baseball season,Ford C Frick president. This major league game baseball is signed by many members of the team. There are many names on the ball including,Luke Sewell pitcher,Fred Fritzsimmons, Dolf Camilli first base,Pete Reiser center field, Ford,Babe Phelps center field,Pete Coscarart,D Camilli first base,J,Hutchenson out field,E Moore,Pressnell,Carey,there are many other names of the ball that look like Chris Hadje,Keith Hayworth,Keny Wicker,Red Evans,Vito Tarrantino?,Fred Sui?t??,Ernie Koy, Ben ?,Hocker,Hyatt,Hamiltin, there are a few other signatures but I can not make them out..This was a time period when the Dodgers were in New York City. Excellent untouched condition in original box. This vintage National league game ball came to us from the private collection of one of the Brooklyn Dodgers owners at that time named Joe Petterman. We have a collection of original photographs from the late 1930 to 1941 period we will be selling also
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